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Three enterprises

Safety Production Standardization


Health, safety and environmental protection

Non-toxic, safe, no smell, no irritation, no formaldehyde
And other harmful gas release, easy to clean features

patent certificate

Utility model patent certificate

famous brand

With nine Germany, China City Hing, such as China is still
Industry well-known brands

Product Center
Brief Introduction of

Huacheng Hing Group is a large-scale building material enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. After 30 years of continuous development, the Group owns Kunming Hwaseong Building Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Huacheng Jiude Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Kunming Huacheng Hing Building Materials Co., Ltd., Anhui Huacheng Hing Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Concrete and Cement Products Association, calcium silicate cement board branch vice president of units, calcium silicate board and fiber cement board The national industry standard units, a total of the leading domestic plate production line, roof tile production lines, a total of more than 10 articles. More than 300 million yuan (including senior technical management of more than 1...
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